At Magi Militaria, we hold a firm belief that the stories, deeds, and lives of those who have come before deserve to be remembered, preserved, and honored. To that end, we dedicate ourselves to researching and drawing out information, facts, and stories on many of the historical artifacts that pass through our hands. At our core, we are devoted to the idea that the history intertwined with the artifacts we present is worthy of investigation, and ultimately, remembrance.
It is therefore our distinct pleasure to announce that Magi Militaria will now offer our private research services to our clients. With several years of research experience (including research heavy undergraduate degrees) and access to numerous subscription based research platforms, Magi Militaria is positioned to provide quality militaria based research with an affordable, results based fee structure.
Specifically, Magi Militaria will provided militaria related research services for any single individual (qualifying that the individual was a member of the United States Armed Forces – from any time period between the American Civil War and the Vietnam War).
For a maximum Research Fee of $75 USD per order (*see below), Magi Militaria will provide the following:
– Individual/Veteran specific research – utilizing the following resources: 1.) subscription based online genealogy databases; 2.) subscription based online newspaper databases; 3.) United States Armed Forces databases (when applicable and available); 4.) United States National Archive online repository information (when applicable and available); 5.) United States Armed Forces unit specific databases and information (when applicable and available); 6.) general online military related databases; and 7.) general online research.
– A physical copy of all relevant research and information found relating to the individual, present in a printed packet.
– Complimentary shipping of the research packet to any address within the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and APOs/FPOs).
*Research Fee includes a $25 USD non-refundable charge per order – additional $50 USD fee will be based off of quantity and quality of researched information found. 
In essence, our fee structure is set up to provide our clients with a low risk initial cost investment ($25), tying any additional cost (maximum $75, including the non-refundable charge) to the overall results of our research.
If you are interested in utilizing Magi Militaria’s research services, or have any questions regarding our research services, please feel free to contact us directly via phone or email.
  • Phone Number*:  (484) 525 – 0363
    (*please note that this is a Google Voice phone line and you will need to state your name prior to being connected).