Rare WW2 US Army M1942 HBT Reversible Frog Skin Camouflage Shirt


Rare WW2 US Army M1942 HBT (Herringbone Twill) Reversible Frog Skin Camouflage Shirt. Excellent condition. No tags, stamps, or size markings. Unknown manufacturer. Very scarce period original which displays beautifully.

The Frogskin camo pattern in World War 2 is most commonly associated with US Marine Corps troops in the Pacific. However, it was also utilized by a very limited number of US Army units in the European Theater, such as the 41st Infantry Regiment in the Normandy Campaign.

The pattern was extremely short-lived in the ETO and it was quickly withdrawn from US Army usage due to its significant visual resemblance to German camouflage of the period.

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