Named WW2 D-Day 1st Infantry Division M1 Helmet with Liner – Baker

Incredible Named WW2 D-Day 1st Infantry Division M1 Helmet with Liner (Louis A. Baker). McCord shell is front-seam/swivel bale and presents in good “field-used” condition. Helmet has a moderate deformation on the top rear. Retains most of its original finish with some period field repaint. Chin straps are not present. Shell is marked with heat stamp, but stamp is indecipherable. Capac liner is in fair to good condition – showing signs of moderate wear and minor splitting. Liner suspension is in fair condition with some fraying present. Inside of liner presents with initials “LAB” and laundry number “L6897” hand-carved into left side (just above where the ear would be) and faint laundry number “L6897” painted onto right side (just above wear the ear would be).

*Artifact(s) come(s) with a packet of printed research paperwork related to Louis A. Baker – including (where available) subject’s general vital statistics/subject’s military records/additional insights into subject’s military service. [Please note that this research was performed exclusively by/for Magi Militaria utilizing subscription-based archives, database resources, and other various internet searchable sources – included research may contain records from U.S. government archives, but the information furnished in this packet was not produced via NARA/NPRC information request.]

According to our research, Private First-Class Louis Alexander Baker (ASN: 33146897), a native of Roscoe, Pennsylvania served with Company D, 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division during WW2. Baker would enlist January 30, 1942 and would serve until receiving his honorable discharge September 13, 1945 (serving over 36 months overseas). 1st Infantry Division records show that Baker was present with Company D, 18th Infantry Regiment during the 1st Infantry Division’s first-wave assault onto Omaha Beach on D-Day (June 6, 1944). 1st Infantry Division General Orders No. 27 (June 24, 1944) record that PFC Louis A. Baker received the Bronze Star Medal for his heroic actions on D-Day – with a period newspaper article stating that “Pfc. Louis A. Baker…..has been awarded the bronze star medal for heroically exposing himself to heavy enemy artillery and sniper fire while driving over hazardous terrain between the invasion beach and forward gun positions of the first army. Pfc. Baker repeatedly made the trip to produce mortar ammunition and deliver it to the guns.”

An outstanding identified WW2 D-Day 1st Infantry Division Helmet with a truly amazing story of heroics on that “Day of Days”.