Named WW2 88th Infantry Division Jacket – Saltzman

Outstanding Named WW2 88th Infantry Division Jacket (George G. Saltzman). Includes 2-pocket Ike style jacket and associated information packet of general research on George Saltzman. Presents in good condition, with mild wear consistent with age. Jacket has three finely made Italian theater patches, including: a bullion “Blue Devils” rocker, 88th Infantry Division patch, and 6th Infantry Division patch. Sergeants stripes on jacket are cross-stitched for interesting effect. Additionally, jacket comes with 3 plastic protected ribbons (top row) and 3 waxy style ribbons (bottom row). Neck area on inside of jacket is marked “Saltzman” and includes Army Serial Number: 31256437. Included information packet contains very light and general online research obtained by a previous caretaker.

Per our cursory research and the provided general research included in the information packet, Sergeant George G. Saltzman’s WW2 service was exceedingly unique and interesting. Beginning his service in the United States Army in 1942, Saltzman was discharged and entered service with the Canadian Army in 1943. That same year, he would be discharged from the Canadian Army and would enter into service with the Royal Canadian Air Force. He would eventually be discharged from the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1944 and would again enter service with the United States Army in early 1945 – serving with the 349th Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division until the conclusion of WW2.

A fantastic named WW2 jacket – made even more so by the exceedingly special story and service history of the original wearer.