WW2 Army Air Force Parachute Ration (1943)

Very Rare and Highly Desirable WW2 Army Air Force “Parachute Ration” (1943).

Ration is in its original, unopened state. Presents with moderate cosmetic issues – including some loss to the “contents” lettering on the top of the tin and cosmetic scratching to the outer surface throughout. Structurally however, tin presents in a very high condition – with no splits, cracks, protuberances, or other deformations to the casing. Additionally, this ration retains its original wire “key” on the bottom of the tin.

While the ration remains sealed and no odors, fluids, or other indications of spoilage are present, we cannot make any assertations or guarantees regarding the state or condition of the contents within the tin.

The WW2 “Parachute Ration” was a pioneering survival ration utilized as an emergency food source by aircraft crews of the United States Army Air Force in situations which required an emergency bailout or landing. This type, produced by Continental Can Co., Inc., is one of the rarest in existence – as it was essentially an experimental design produced for less than one year (in 1943) – being replaced by the more ubiquitous and recognizable “Emergency Parachute Ration” in 1944.

This artifact is a “Holy Grail” of WW2 ration collecting and a key evolution in food preservation/survival technology.