WW1 American Patriotic Poster – “Winged Victory”

Absolutely Beautiful and Captivating WW1 American Patriotic Poster – “Winged Victory”. Illustrated by famed Hungarian-born artist William Andrew Pogany (Vilmos András Pogány) and produced by “EBSCO SERVICE” N.Y. – Manufactured circa 1917. Illustration itself presents in very high condition and poster is in good structural condition – notwithstanding minor age and wear to the textured paper; minimal tearing at edges (repaired); and paper tabs adhered to the reverse. Colors are vivid and crisp and show very little evidence of fading or degradation.

This spectacularly rare WW1 American patriotic poster is undeniably a “crown jewel” and even our best photography hardly does this piece of art its proper justice. Without question, this poster represents one of the most visually stunning and enthralling militaria artifacts we have come across.

Measurements: Approximately 23” x 17 1/2”