Vietnam War Era (WW2 M1) Painted USN Nuclear Weaponsman Helmet

Extremely Unique Vietnam War Era (WW2 M1) Painted USN Nuclear Weaponsman Helmet. Presents in good condition with light wear. Shell a is WW2 McCord (front seam/swivel bale). Liner is a WW2 Westinghouse. Helmet features a rare painted United States Navy Nuclear Weaponsman rating on the front. Also features an interesting painted USN insignia on the rear. There appears to be some kind of drawing or lettering on the front of liner – unfortunately, this area of the liner has been blacked out and whatever details were present are now obscured. Liner sweatband is marked with the lettering “Hull” (presumably the last name of a previous owner). Inside of chinstrap is marked with lettering “Knecht” (also presumed to be a prior owner). Included with the helmet is a Nuclear Weaponsman patch.

A unique and rare helmet to be certain – a WW2 era helmet painted with a Vietnam War era USN Nuclear Weaponsman rating (a United States Navy rating which only existed for a period of 4 years – from 1957 to 1961). We have never seen a helmet painted with the Nuclear Weaponsman rating before and due to the very limited lifespan of the rating itself, a helmet of this nature would be exceedingly rare to ever come across again.