Rare WW2 OSS Stiletto Fighting Knife with Sheath

Rare and High-Condition WW2 OSS Stiletto Fighting Knife with Sheath.

Presents in excellent overall condition – with very light, honest wear. Steel blade is in impeccable structural condition and retains nearly all of its original bluing. Brass grip retains much of its original blackening. Pommel shows light wear – with some exposed brass that has taken on a gorgeous patina. Stiletto has no proof marks or manufacturer’s stamps but does have the expected hardness test mark on the blade (as is appropriate for an original manufactured piece). Sheath is of the original signature “spatula/pancake flipper” design and is in exceptional shape – retaining 98% of its original finish and showing negligible wear (including the expected contact wear on the “spatula” from the stiletto). Rubber “o” ring is absent from the sheath (as is the case with almost all examples of this type).

This is without doubt a premier original specimen of the extremely scare and highly coveted OSS Stiletto Fighting Knife. The opportunity to own a noteworthy and unique military artifact of this nature very rarely presents itself – even less so in the manner of high condition as is the case with this example. This piece does not disappoint.