Rare Unpublished WW2 War Bonds Poster – “Wipe Out the Axis”


Incredibly Rare Unpublished WW2 War Bonds Poster – “Wipe Out the Axis”. A one-of-a-kind piece to be certain, as this poster is an unpublished painted rough draft from the WW2 period. This particular poster was never finalized and did not see the light of full scale production printing – poster even still shows draft lines. Piece is unsigned and unmarked – artist is unknown. Poster features the words “Wipe Out the Axis – Buy Bonds Now” with a graphic of a hand holding a cloth – “wiping out” the Nazi swastika as if cleaning up a stain or smudge. Condition is very good considering age – minus light corner damage on both lower corners (damage could be framed out easily). Colors show no signs of degradation and present nicely.

Measurements: Approximately 22″ x 17″

A more unique example of this WW2 artform is unlikely to be found. An unquestioningly distinctive piece for your collection.

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