Identified WW2 Silver Star Medal Grouping – Ulmer

Extraordinary Identified WW2 Silver Star Medal Grouping (William Thomas Ulmer). Includes: Silver Star Medal, Good Conduct Medal, WW2 Victory Medal, EAME Campaign Medal (with arrowhead device and 4 bronze campaign stars), American Campaign Medal, framed Silver Star certificate, and Italian made WW2 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion patch. Grouping also includes matching ribbon rack, Fifth Army patch, and Army Service Forces patch.

Additionally, grouping comes with a separate medal group (which we believe to have belonged to William T. Ulmer’s wife, Emilia E. Ulmer, who served in the WAVES during WW2) including: WW2 Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, matching ribbon rack, and U.S. Naval Reserve Honorable Discharge pin.

Silver Star is unengraved, but is numbered “87512”. Grouping is identified via the included Silver Star certificate and accompanying components.

According to our research, Staff Sergeant William Thomas Ulmer (ASN: 15099823), a native of Louisville, Kentucky, served as an Ammunition Sergeant with Headquarters Company, 83d Chemical Mortar Battalion during WW2. Ulmer enlisted in the United States Army in early 1942 and was assigned to the 83rd, with which he would remain through the conclusion of the Second World War. Ulmer would serve in all campaigns of the 83rd Chemical Battalion, including: North Africa, Sicily (Operation Husky), Naples-Foggia (Operation Avalanche), Anzio (Operation Shingle), Rome-Arno, Southern France (Operation Dragoon), Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe. During his service, Ulmer would be decorated with a Silver Star in November 1943 for his heroic actions in stopping a fire that had broken out in the battalion’s ammunition depot.

William T. Ulmer’s wife, Emilia Elizabeth Ulmer (SN: 7686265), a native of Lansford, Pennsylvania, entered service with the United States Naval Reserve (Women’s Reserve) – commonly referred to as the WAVES – in September 1944, serving as a Storekeeper Third Class at the Mechanicsburg Naval Supply Depot during WW2.