Captured WW2 Japanese Nisshōki Flag (with Signatures)

Phenomenal WW2 Captured Japanese Nisshōki Flag (with Signatures). Presents in good condition overall. Flag does show several instances of mild tearing and has light staining (likely a result of exposure and/or age). However, flag is very structurally sound and displays wonderfully despite the aforementioned imperfections. Flag is signed with approximately 35 wartime signatures of various United States Armed Forces personnel, including the primary signature: “Property of: Sp. Agt. Sam McKone, 23rd C.I.D” in the lower right-hand corner. Additional signatures include: soldiers of the 6th Ranger Battalion, Army Border Patrol, Army Counter-Intelligence Division special agents, and numerous others. The most notable signature on this artifact belongs to Lt. Col. Arthur S. Bell, Provost Marshall of the United States 6th Army in Japan.

We have so far been able to lightly research and find details on 17 of the names as signed on this flag, and will include this information in a printed packet to the next caretaker.

Approximate measurements: 39 & 1/4″ x 28″

One of the finest captured WW2 Japanese flags we have come across and of a level that you are not likely to see again without a significant wait.