Captured WW2 German Grouping (with Signature)

Terrific Captured WW2 German Grouping (with Signature). The core of this grouping includes: 1.) a Nazi Party armband (still retaining its original RZM label) with a capture signature reading: “Col. C.B. Spicer/ XX Corp/ Taken Etaine, France“; and 2.) a Luftwaffe sports shirt insignia reading: “Captured at Chartre, France 1944“. Grouping additionally includes: 1.) a bullion National Socialist Motor Corps sleeve eagle (with original RZM label); 2.) HJ pin (with moderate paint loss); 3.) sterling Colonel’s insignia; and 4.) various pre-war and wartime British, French, and German currencies (paper and coins). All items were received housed in a small cardboard box. This box has a hand-written note on the outside reading: “belonging to Ann Spicer“, as well as writing describing the currency contained within.

According to our cursory research, Colonel Cyril Branston Spicer, a Minnesota native, was a United States Army veteran of both WW1 and WW2. During WW1, Spicer would serve as a 1st Lieutenant in several units including: 2nd Infantry, Minnesota National Guard; 136th Infantry Regiment; and 58th Infantry Regiment. Throughout the interwar period, Spicer would remain in active service with the Minnesota National Guard, eventually achieving the rank of Colonel just prior to the outbreak of WW2. In WW2, Spicer would serve with the XX Corps and participate in all the campaigns of the corps until the conclusion of the war.

A great grouping of capture items with complimentary provenance.